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For the Tattooers

We’re a group of professional tattooers who are stressing like everyone else and wanting to spend this time doing something positive Instead of freaking out.

We did.. because we were sick of waiting around, but any professional studio or tattooer is free to help and offer support.

The fund is run by an independent auditing firm outside the tattoo industry who will be processing applications and issuing funds according to a split between shops and the artists who work therein.

The fund is open to all professional tattoo shops that register successfully. With no preferential treatment given. 

When the fund reaches its target, monies will be issued into your account. No money will be issued until target is reached.

Target will be determined according to the number of successful applications. 

None of the people who are involved with this initiative will make any profit whatsoever. We will all have to register along with everyone else to benefit from the fund. Outside help such as web developers, data capturers, assistants and designers will be paid for their help where necessary. Up to this point all outside help has been pro-bono. The auditing firm who are managing the fund take a small percentage to cover the cost of their work.

No. This is a tattooer run initiative for tattooers. We are only in contact with the Dept of health to determine their suggested guidelines to
present to you as and when they are released to us, and working on our own safe-practice guidelines based on information gathered from Health Departments in other countries.

Definitely not.. and we don’t want to. All we will need is proof that you are working professionally as best you can. We will gauge this
by gathering the information requested on registration. This will be captured by the auditor and no one else will see it, not even us.

If you are a South African citizen ask your preferred shop to vouch for you as a resident artist.

An existing shop can vouch for any tattooers out of work due to Covid-19. Funds will be paid out according to ID numbers captured. No applicant will be accidentally paid twice. 

Simply put, we have too much to do right now. Once we have the logistics sorted out and staff in place to field emails we will get back to you. Our current priority is receiving donations. 

When we are in level 1 lockdown and, for now, no sooner. We are hoping to change this but our first priority is the individual tattooer and having shops to go back to once we are told its safe to do so. Tattooing outside of your allocated level is an illegal practice and you may be liable for serious
criminal charges.

No, no you can’t. We are currently in a State of Emergency. Your customers can wait. Do not put yourself or them
at risk. You need to practice safe social-distancing and only tattoo with the COVID-19 protocols in the
allocated lockdown level for tattooing. This is currently level 1. How we conduct ourselves now will determine our future. Use your common sense.

So are we.. and we will have more answers when we get them.

Share this cause with as many people and on as many platforms as you can. We’ll be issuing a call for help with other areas after the ball is rolling.
Our future depends on how we can all unite through this crisis.

COVID-19 Protocols

Tattoo & Piercing Protocols

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