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For the Customers

You absolutely can and we encourage you to, but consider putting in a small amount here too as this fund will help all our professional tattoo studios and artists in the short term and hopefully in the longer term too.

You can, no one is stopping anyone from doing this however it is illegal. If you can’t go visit a friend for a beer, you shouldn’t have a tattooer come to your house to tattoo you or go to theirs.

It will be added to a fund managed by an independent auditor who will collect and manage all donations then pay the money out to all the registered shops and their artists once it reaches a target amount.

You should be asking why your studio hasn’t registered. There really isn’t anything to lose.

Yes, you can request a certificate for your tax return.

Share this initiative with as many people as you can on all of your platforms. We are going to need all the help we can get.

Simply put, we have too much to do right now. Once we have the logistics sorted out and staff in place to field emails we will get back to you.

COVID-19 Protocols

Tattoo & Piercing Protocols

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